That's what she said. 


I am a DOT COM!! I am also SUPER EXCITED!! this is beautiful, thank you so much. 
all these years and I finally have a website. I am humbled and grateful.
Great job on this, all of it. The website represents me so well and also beautifully represents you and your fine work.  -Sherri C. Perry, Poet, Novelist

I redesigned my entire website the day after listening to the audit. Within 2 days, both my website and I were completely refreshed and ready for a new year, new business, and new opportunities! -Delina P. Brooks, Writer, Director, Performance Artist


You'll enjoy working with Tracey and her organic process where she guides your vision into existence and you won't look back. Even down to the wire she worked with me to help clarify what I was thinking (if I was thinking at all!) and turned that into something I'm still amazed by. She's helped me to invest in myself and in my dream of becoming a writer with her sweet design skills and social media prowess (because I'm the worst millennial) and I can't thank her enough. Even if her passion wasn't being a digital strategist, she is an absolute light that I look forward to seeing in my life. -Harper Sanchez, Writer 


Tracey is an amazing copywriter and digital strategist. She really knows how to take what you want and package into something even better than you imagined" -Angela Matthews, Investment Coach