Digi Toolkit.

Below are a list of tools I use or have used. Some are affiliate links, all are fantastic. 


Squarespace My favorite web platform. Simple, Easy to use, Beautifully customizable.

Wordpress About 25% of the world wide lives on Wordpress. It's a great platform but a little high maintenance. 

BlueHost BlueHost is my go to server for new clients. Scalable and great support.

Gsuite Sites (think Intranet), Docs, Sheets, branded email for a super low entry cost that is scalable. 

You Can Brand Jenna is like magic. Her design and course building courses are the best in the industry. 

Wave Accounting My happy place for all things organizing money.

Diva Light Simple little light for going live on your phone.

Screencast-O-Matic I know, everyone says ScreenFlow is best, but I like SOM. It's 18$/YEAR and it's super easy, with lots of editing and branding options and a great library of tutorials. 

Portable Photo Studio This is for those Insta-moments when you just need real lighting.

Adobe Everything #goals. There is no real equal to Adobe but there is a learning curve. 

Canva Simple, quick, professional graphics and design assets.

Pic Monkey FANTASTIC for quick photo edits, resizing images for web and marketing and design assets.