Website + Social Media Audit

Website + Social Media Audit


"I redesigned my entire website the day after listening to the audit. Within 2 days, both my website and I were completely refreshed and ready for a new year, new business, and new opportunities!" -Delina P. Brooks   

Sometimes you don't need a designer to do the work, but you'd like their eye. Website and Social Media audits are just that. A complete audit of your website, 4 Social Media profiles and sales page. I will be looking at branding, conversion opportunity, User Experience and consistency/clarity of message.

Whether you're just starting out or you've been in business for years, I can help you build a stronger visual brand and clean up your copy that converts to sales and relationships with your dream clients.

The deliverable; 1-hour screencast of my critique, suggestions, and any additional tutorials or mockups to help you create a site and brand you'll love

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